Don't spend your 30 minutes to find a single document

With Search in Contents

A quick way to find your desired documents effortlessly

Save Your Valuable Time

Perform even better than a professional computer user

Surely it has happened to you many times over, that you need to find a file containing a particular text. You spend
even an hour searching in a bunch of files on your computer and finally, nothing!
It is not easy to search through file contents in Windows. The process is prolonged, and for a regular computer user, it’s difficult to configure windows for advanced searches. 
What is the solution?
How can you find all files containing a particular text easily and fast?
MG Search in Contents is an easy-to-use and handy software that helps you to find your desired files for a given text effortlessly.

Find documents effortlessly

MG Search in Contents helps you to find your desired file by searching in the contents of more than 50 different file types and counting

Simple yet powerful

Easy search settings, quick access all over your computer, accurate and fast results

Search faster than a pro

Speed up finding your desired documents using various types of options in the software

A file search utility that comes with

An advanced

Embedded File Viewer

Open, edit, convert and print the found files listed in the search results through the software itself

Find your desired Files for a given text effortlessly

It supports all text-based files
Including Microsoft office documents, Pdf, Plain text, Spreadsheet,
programing files and web files

How MG Search in Contents Helps You to

Find your documents easier and faster

Quick Search Feature

You can perform your search and get your
results listed in a few clicks. You just need
to right-click on any folder/folders, select
“Quick Search”, enter the search phrase
and press the button.

Scroll into the file

The software locates the result (found text)
in the document and you can get there by
double click on each item on the result list

Quick access to found files

Search in Contents helps you transfer the
file directly with the software or you can
use the “Open File Location” option from
the right-click menu

Why MG Search in contents (SIC)

*** It is fast and accurate
It helps you to find your desired documents as quickly as possible by
using the most efficient search algorithms.

*** It is a multifunctional software
Save your time and money choosing multifunctional software.
• Advanced and easy to use search tools
• Embedded file viewer
• Useful and straightforward file management tools that help you to Edit,
Copy, Move and Delete your desired files directly through the software.
• Any document to PDF converter.

Choose your SIC

If you need more than one license, please select “More Options”. We have
some offers for you.

Search in Contents Pro

Search in Contents

MG Search in Contents Basic

 Search Name and Contents
Search Sub-directories
Embedded Viewer
Search in Office 2003 – 2019
Search in PDF & EPUB
Search in Plain Text
Search in Programming Docs
Search in Web Documents
Take Notes (Rich Text Format)

Starting at $30.00 $9
70% OFF
MG Search in Contents Pro

 All Basic Features
File Indexing System
Quick Preview Mode
Simple & Advanced Search Mode
Access to Quick Search in Right-Click
Integrate with Windows Right Click
Jump to Result Location
Save and Load Search Results
and more …

Starting at $50.00 $15
70% OFF
Search in Contents Pro

Search in Contents

MG Search in Contents helps you to find your desired documents as quickly as possible by using the most effective search algorithms.

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