File Types in Search

With MG Search in Contents, you can choose one or more type of file formats to perform your search (Such as Documents, Spreadsheet, programming files) If you don’t recall the file type you are looking for; you can mark all supported file formats. The software will search and list all matching items in the result section.

Documents, eBooks, Plain Text, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Web Documents, Programming Files

MG Search in Contents Pro

Find your desired Files for a given text effortlessly by searching in all text-based Files

File name & File Contents

This software can search both for the file name and its contents based on the user’s adjustments. You can use one or both options to search for your desired document(s).

Multiple Search Options

You have three different search options:
1. High-Speed Search option by indexing filenames and paths.
2. Normal Search option (By search in non-indexed paths)
3. Combined Mode (You can also select this option to search both in the indexed and non-indexed path(s))

Unlimited Search Tabs

MG Search in Contents allows you to open multiple search windows to perform different searches simultaneously. So you will be able to search for as many topics in different paths at the same time.

An excellent alternative to Microsoft Windows search
Perform even better than a professional computer user

Advanced Search settings

Find your desired document(s) much faster by customizing your search with different parameters using advanced search settings.
Narrow down and accurate your search results by using various
type of filters such as:
1. File / Folder Attribute
2. File Size
3. File Creation Date
4. File Modification Date (Last Modification Date)
5. File Access Date
6. Etc…

Get right to the point quickly

By clicking on each found files in the search result list, you can have quick access to the preview of all paragraphs containing the searched given phrase

Useful File Management Tools

Easily open, edit, rename, copy, move, and delete by doing a simple right-click on any file in the search result list directly through the software

Chose a multi-functional software

Advanced File Search Tools + File Viewer + Useful File Management Tools + Any Document to PDF Converter.
All in one Software

Embedded File Viewer layout for instant view

By clicking on each found files in the search result list, you can find all paragraphs containing your desired phrase. You won’t need to install or open any other software to view the file contents in their original format. Just double click on any paragraph in the search result list and quickly access the file contents in its original format through the software. You can have an instant view of the files with the following formats directly through the software:
.DOC – .DOCX, etc… (Microsoft Office Word 2003-2019)
.XLS – .XLSX, etc… (Microsoft Office Excel 2003-2019)
.PDF             .EPUB
.HTM, .HTML, .MHT, .MHTML, .XHTML (Web Documents)
.TXT, .INI, .INF, etc… (Plain Text)
.CS, .CPP, .VB, .PHP, .SQL, etc… (Programming)

Search History

You can save your time by saving your current search results for a given phrase and load it later to continue and complete your previous search.

One Click Any Document to PDF Converter

Word to PDF
Excel to PDF
Plain Text to PDF (Including programming files)

Supporting all versions 2003-2019


You can easily create, edit, save, and load your notes through the software.

You can also export your notes in various type of formats such as Doc, Docx, RTF, TXT, etc.

MG Search in Contents Pro

Search in Contents is now helping more than 500,000 users all around the world to find their documents easier and faster
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SIC Basic

$ 30
  • Search Name and Contents
  • Search Sub-directories
  • Embedded Viewer
  • Search in Office 2003 – 2019
  • Search in PDF & EPUB
  • Search in Plain Text
  • Search in Programming Docs
  • Search in Web Documents
  • Take Notes (Rich Text Format)


$ 45
  • All Basic Features
  • File Indexing System
  • Quick Preview Mode
  • Simple & Advanced Search Mode
  • Access to Quick Search in Right-Click
  • Integrate with Windows Right Click
  • Jump to Result Location
  • Save and Load Search Results
  • and more …

Search in Contents

MSTech Search in Contents helps you to find your desired documents as quickly as possible by using the most effective search algorithms.

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