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MG QR Code Generator

Don't Want to spread your personal information?

Have your own QR Code generator

Convert any Text Into
QR Code in seconds!

Concerned about sharing your personal information?

Don’t Want to Share Your
Personal Information?

When using an online service to create your QR code, whether for a vCard, email address, or contact details, you’re often required to input personal information. It’s crucial to be aware that this information can be collected by the service provider.

Protect Your Personal Information​

Have Your Own QR Code Generator

No matter the type of content you want to convert to a QR code—whether it’s your vCard, email address, or contact details—with MG QR Code Generator, you can create it in seconds without sharing your personal information.

Create Any Type of QR Codes

You Can Generate Any QR Code 

      • Any Text (General)
      • URL (Website Link)
      • Email Address
      • Phone/Mobile Number
      • vCard

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Add Your Logo to Your QR Code

You can customize the QR code by adding your logo to enhance your brand’s visibility and recognition.

Integrating your logo into the QR code design adds a professional touch, making it more visually appealing to users.

Color Your QR Code

Tired of black-and-white QR codes?  Explore our user-friendly customization options and personalize your QR code by selecting from a diverse range of colors for:

  • QR Code Color
  • QR Code Back Color
  • QR Code Border Color
  • QR Code Logo Back Color

Copy or Export, as You Like

Copy the generated QR code images and directly paste them into your design, or save them in your preferred format (SVG, PNG, or PDF).

Save and Load Your Projects

Saving QR code data allows you to preserve specific information or configurations, making it convenient for future use. By loading this saved data, you can efficiently generate new QR codes with the same content or settings.

What is a QR Code?

A QR code is a scannable, two-dimensional optical image. Originally invented in 1994 by Denso Wave as a two-dimensional barcode to streamline logistics, QR codes have evolved to primarily direct users to URLs today. They are widely employed in marketing and product manufacturing to guide customers to websites or provide information about various products.

The ‘QR‘ in ‘QR code‘ stands for Quick Response, indicating that the code is designed to provide rapid access to information when scanned with a smartphone camera. Despite the data hidden in the code being encrypted, the process is nearly instantaneous.

Frequently Asked Questions

A QR code generator is a tool designed to produce personalized QR codes capable of storing specific data.

Anyone who scans the code can access the content and platforms such as websites, restaurant menus, PDF files, videos, Wi-Fi networks, or social media channels.

Yes, you can. Using the MG QR Code Generator, you can easily generate your personalized QR code with just a few clicks. Creating a QR code doesn’t require any specialized knowledge.

Yes, QR codes can be and are commonly used for commercial purposes. QR codes are versatile and can serve various functions that benefit businesses. Some common commercial uses of QR codes include:

    • Marketing and Advertising
    • Payments and Transactions
    • Contactless Menus
    • Business Cards

Changelog v2.0 (What's New)?

Version (2024-03-14)

      • Select Location From Google Map (New)

Version (2024-01-07)

      • Barcode Border Default Color Set to Black (Updated)
      • Network Security Null (Fixed)
      • Copy QR Code (Fixed)
      • Window Size State (Updated)
      • Preview Back Color Options (Added)
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