Easy Desktop Organizer Pro

Easy Desktop Organizer

MG Easy Desktop Organizer is a handy Windows application that helps you keep your desktop clean and organized, download free images, and adjust them easily as your desktop background.

Premium Backgrounds / Folder Structures

Folder Icon Pro

Folder Icon

It is the most complete and best folder icon tool that gives you everything you need to create unlimited amazing folder icons and assign them to any folder in the easiest way.

Free Packs / Premium Packs / Icon Merges / Folder Mockups

Image Resize Pro

Image Resize

MG Image Resize is a handy and efficient piece of software that makes you able to resize, compress, rotate, rename, and convert your images in both single and batch modes.
It’s effortless to install and use, without any confusing extra settings.

Office Home

Office Suite

MG Office Home is an alternative to MS Office, coming with an advanced word processor, a spreadsheet editor and also a PDF reader. With MG Editor you can create or edit any document, create tables, insert images, and …

Search in Contents Pro

Search in Contents

MG Search in Contents helps you to find your desired documents as quickly as possible by using the most effective search algorithms.

QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator

The MG QR Code Generator is a handy piece of software that converts any text to QR Code.

PDF Split Merge

PDF Split Merge

MG PDF Split Merge is a simple and handy piece of software with various options to assist you in dealing with your PDFs the way you like.