MQ QR Code Generator Changelog

Version (2024-03-14)

      • Select Location From Google Map (New)

Version (2024-01-07)

      • Barcode Border Default Color Set to Black (Updated)
      • Network Security Null (Fixed)
      • Copy QR Code (Fixed)
      • Window Size State (Updated)
      • Preview Back Color Options (Added)

Version (2023-12-31)

      • Barcode Frames (New)
      • Ability to Print (Added)
      • PDF Quality (Improved)

Version (2023-12-27)

      • Auto Recognition Issue with the Transparent Back color (Fixed)
      • Draw border when the border width was set 0 (Fixed)
      • Ability to enter color codes by user (Updated)

Version (2023-12-23)

      • Email QR Code (Updated)
      • vCard QR Code (Updated)
      • SMS QR Code (New)
      • Location QR Code (New)
      • WhatsApp QR Code (New)
      • Skype QR Code (New)
      • Zoom Meeting QR Code (New)
      • WiFi QR Code (New)
      • Event / Calendar QR Code (New)
      • Bitcoin QR Code (New)

Version (2023-12-20)

      • Automatic QR Code Recognition (New)

Version (2023-11-18)

      • Save & Load Project (New)
      • Increased Pixel Per Module (PPM) Value up to 20 (Improved)
      • Save as PDF (New)
      • Save as SVG (New)
      • Support Adding Logo to QR Code (New)
      • Separate Preview Window (New)
      • Refresh QR Code on Data Type Change (Updated)
      • Antivirus False Positive Issue (Resolved)

Version (2023-10-26)

      • Barcode Border Option (New)
      • Copy the QR Code Image to Clipboard (New)
      • Ability to Minimize the Window (Added)

Version (2023-10-22)

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