MG Easy Desktop Organizer Pro Changelog

What’s new in Version (2023-12-26)?

    1. Run as admin issue on software restart (Fixed)
    2. No uninstall is required for installing the updates (Changed)
    3. No restart is required to install the software. (Automatically releases the locked files.) (Changed)
    4. Minor Improvements

What’s new in Easy Desktop Organizer Pro v5.7.0.3095 (2023-12-14)?

    1. MS Windows Right Click Menu UI (Improved)
    2. Copy Selected Items Name & Path (Added)
    3. Hotkey Issue (Fixed)
    4. Categorize Files by Type (New)
    5. Batch File Rename Basic (New)
    6. File Checksum Calc (New)
    7. Categorize Audio By Tag (New)
    8. Edit Audio Tag (New)
    9. Create a Playlist from the Selection (New)
    10. Categorize Images by Date (New)
    11. Categorize Images by Size [Dimensions] (New)

What’s new in Easy Desktop Organizer Pro v5.6.0.2810 (2023-11-09)?

    1. Add Background (Improved)
    2. Manage Background (Improved)
    3. Manage Window (Improved)
      1. Quick Style Change (Improved)
      2. Double-click Color Change (Added)
    4. EDO Window Background Change Detection (Improved)
    5. Access all Hotkey options in Settings Window
    6. Color Picker (Improved)
    7. Search Speed (Improved)
    8. Simple Note Mode (Added)
    9. AppBar EDO Window Manage Access Button (Added)

What’s new in Easy Desktop Organizer Pro v5.5.0.2478 (2023-10-26)?

    1. Minor Improvements

What’s new in Easy Desktop Organizer Pro v5.5.0.2432 (2023-10-18)?

    1. Minor Improvements

What’s new in Easy Desktop Organizer Pro v5.5.0.2352 (2023-10-04)?

    1. Color Pack Preview Bug (Fixed)
    2. Apply Palette from  Color Palette Management Window (Added)
    3. Access to Color Management Window in AppBar, EDO Button, EDO Window (Added)

What’s new in Easy Desktop Organizer Pro v5.5.0.2325 (2023-09-28)?

    1. General Changes
      • Software Icon Sets (Updated)
      • New Software Theme Styles (Added)
      • Software Performance (Improved)
      • Auto Adjust Icons by Theme
      • Ability to clear thumbnail cache
      • Software Data Transfer replaced with OS Native Copy/Move process
      • Copy File Content (Text/ Image) (Added)
    2. Manage Windows
      • Color Palette Tools (Improved)
      • Dedicated Color Palette Management Window (Added)
      • Color Palette Preview (New)
    3. Settings
      • General => Quick Categorize (Fixed)
      • Quick Launch => Missing File Bug (Fixed)
      • Basket => Explorer View Options (Added)
      • Library =>
        • Category: Now Library Items Can be Classified in Different Categories (New)
        • Management: Moved to AppBar
        • Library View Options (Added)
      • Desktop => ExplorerView Options Added
      • Theme =>
        • Theme Settings Moved Back to Settings Window
        • New Themes & Colors (Added)
        • Theme Select Preview (Improved)
        • Theme Apply Speed (Improved)
    4. Player
      • Media Center: Loading Speed (Improved)
      • Load Previously Played Playlist on Software Startup (Fixed)
    5. Colors
      • Color Paste Button Relocated
      • Color History Moved to Colors Window (New)
      • New HSL/RGB Color Box (Added)
    6. EDO Search
      • Search Speed in Categorized Data (Improved)
      • New file types supported for thumbnail (Improved)
      • Thumbnail load process (Improved)
    7. Library
      • Ability to view all library items (New)
      • New Category List for Library (New)
      • Ability to copy / move paths between library Categories
    8. Basket
      • Manage Basket: New Explorer to view select items’ locations and details
      • Ability to replace items with their parent folder (Added)
      • Ability to add/replace items from extended explorer (New)
      • Advanced Add to make sure to add the proper item (file/folder) to the basket
    9. Background Editor
      • Save Background Process (Improved)
      • Ability to load Backgrounds from Background designer (New)
    10. EDO Window
      • Context menu color theme (New)
      • Copy / Paste Window Style Improved
      • Sort Windows (Improved)
    11. Folder Structure
      • Save Previous Selected Category (New)
      • Insert Folder Structure Mode (Improved)

What’s New in Easy Desktop Organizer Pro v5.1.0.1620 (2023-09-05)?

    1. EDO Library Speed Improvement in AppBar
    2. Audio Player Bar button size fixed
    3. Audio Player Settings Issue in EDO Button Fixed
    4. New Folder in AppBar and EDO Button Issue when no item is selected used the previously selected item (Fixed)

What’s New in Easy Desktop Organizer v5.1.0.1610 (2023-09-03)?

    1. EDO Search Speed Up & Remove Paginations
    2. EDO Desktop Access in AppBar Sped Improved
    3. EDO Window Startup Speed-Up
    4. Pack, Unpack, and Moe to Parent Path Speed Improvements

What’s New in Easy Desktop Organizer v5.1.0.1549 (2023-08-29)?

    1. AppBar
      • Loading Speed (Improved)
      • Quick Launch Interface (Updated)
      • Direct Access to Add and Remove to Quick Launch from AppBar (Added)
      • Library Added to AppBar Tools (New)
      • EDO Window Loading Items (Improved)
      • EDO Window New Folder [Simple, Batch, Advanced] (Added)
      • EDO Window Apply Folder Structure (Added)
      • Change AppBar EDO Windows List Sort Order Change (Added)
      • Desktop Content Direct Access (Added)
      • Multi Select in EDO Window (Added)
    2. EDO Button
      • Audio Player Access (Added)
      • Color Mode Settings [Gray Mode, Color Mode] (Added)
      • EDO Button Transparency [Opacity] (Added)
      • Quick Search Access (Added)
      • This PC Access (Added)
      • Library Access (Added)
      • Desktop Folder Access (Added)
      • Quick Launch Interface (Updated)
      • Access to Folder Structure
      • Direct Access to Add and Remove to Quick Launch from AppBar (Added)
    3. Manage Windows
      • The Management Window Redesigned Completely
      • Quick EDO Window Group Change (Added)
      • Quick Style Tools (Added)
      • Color Palette Tool (Improved)
        • Add / Edit Colors (Improved)
        • Save / Save as Palette (Added)
        • Color Order Change (Added)
      • Add the Predefined EDO Windows (more than 30 predefined windows to choose from)
      • Quick Color Tolerance Change (Adde)
    4. Quick Access
      • Ability to search in all categorized files and folders (Added)
      • Thumbnail Preview (Added)
    5. EDO Window Settings
      1. Transparency Opacity Option (Added)
      2. Ability to Copy and Paste Window Style (Color, Size & Opacity) (Added)
    6. Settings
      • Quick Launch Limits (Removed)
      • Quick Launch 1 & 2 Merged
      • Ability to Add Items from Windows Right Click Menu (Added)
      • Shell Menu Settings (Updated)
        • Add to Quick Launch Access (Added)
        • Folder Structure Tools Access (Added)
      • Backup Initial Default Path (Set)
    7. Notes
      1. Save Message on Note Close while it’s already saved (Fixed)
    8. Color Picker
      • Performance (Improved)
      • Invalid Color Code Copy (Fixed)
      • Color Wheel (Added)
    9. Library
      • Access to your favorite Directories in AppBar (Added)
      • Folder Structure Management (Added)
    10. Basket
      • Refresh Floating Basket Dialog after changes in the Management Window (Fixed)
      • Select All & None on Manage Basket Window (Added)
      • Basket Order Change from Manage Basket Window (Added)
      • Show Select Basket Popup on Floating Basket Window When User has more than one basket (Added)
    11. EDO Window
      • Loading Window Speed (Improved)
      • View Mode (Returned)
      • Search Moved Inside the Window from the Title Bar
      • Hide / Unhide (Fixed)
      • New Folder Feature [Simple / Batch / Advanced] (Added)
      • Transfer to Window (Added)
      • Full Cut, Copy, and Paste Functionality Support (Added)
      • This PC Access From Window Menu (Added)
      • EDO Search Access from Window Menu (Added)
      • Folder Structure Access (Added)
      • Copy and Paste EDO Window Style [Colors, Transparency, Size, and View Mode] (Added)
      • Browse EDO Window Folder Access (Added)
      • Sort Windows (Added)
      • Alignment (Improved)
      • Added New Icon Pack (New)
      • Preventing Extra Space Char in Window Name (Fixed)
      • Quick Color Palette Apply (Added)
      • Redesign EDO Window Context Menus (New)
    12. Background Tools
      • Background Change Process (Improved)
      • Add Background Window Design (Improved)
      • Manage Backgrounds Window (Redesigned)
      • Create Background (Improved)
      • Background Project Center (Added)
      • EDOIMG multi-monitor ratio support (Added)
    13. Adding More Predefined EDO Windows [Default EDO Windows] (New)
    14. Thumbnail Cache & Refresh Thumbnail cache (Added)
    15. And more minor improvements …

What’s New in Easy Desktop Organizer Pro v4.0.3.131 (2022-08-31)?

  1. Complete UserInterface Redesign
  2. Software Themes / Color Modes (Improved)
  3. More Compatibility with Windows Scaling
  4. AppBar
    • Upgraded Explorer Emulator
      • Added More View Modes
      • File/Folder Details
      • File Preview
      • Show / Hide Hidden Files & Folders
      • Single Click Mode
    • Notes
      • Note Editor Improved
      • Save Clipboard Content as New Note
    • Clipboard
      • Performance Improved
      • Support for Copied / Cut Files or Folders
    • Search / Quick Access
      • UI Updated
      • File Preview
      • File Details
    • Basket
      • Performance Improved
      • Basket Management Improved
    • AppBar Improvements
      • Better Paginations
      • Improved Drag & Drop
      • Window Drop Down Improved
  5. This PC Emulator improvement
    • Right Click Menu Improved
    • Added More View Modes
    • File/Folder Details
    • File Preview
    • Show / Hide Hidden Files & Folders
    • Single Click Mode
    • Ability to change file & folder attribute
  6. Notes Improvements
    • Note Editor Improved (Better support for Table &Images)
    • Export to PDF (New)
    • Print (New)
    • Clear Recovered Notes History (Added)
    • Copy Note Content in Management Window (Added)
  7. Clipboard Improvements
    • Ability to save the entire clipboard list
    • Improved Clipboard Window Performance
  8. Audio Player Improvements
    • Performance Improved
    • Stop playing while switching between AppBar & SideBar
    • Stop Playing while closing the application
  9. Baskets
    • Performance Improved
    • Manage Baskets Redesigned
    • Keep Basket Content on Exit
  10. Unified Settings Window
    • Redesigned Settings Window
    • Access to All Extensions Settings in One Place
  11. Software Hotkey Management & Detection Improved

What’s New in Easy Desktop Organizer v3.5.5 (2021-12-12)?

  1. Save Settings (Improved)
  2. Some Minor Improvements

What’s New in Easy Desktop Organizer v3.2.3 (2022-03-21)?

  1. Some Minor Improvements

What’s New in Easy Desktop Organizer v3.1.1 (2021-12-12)?

  1. Open File/Folder Location in AppBar Window now opens the shortcut folder instead of the EDO window root folder. (Fixed)
  2. Drag & Drop Window (Improved)

What’s New in Easy Desktop Organizer v3.0 (2021-12-01)?

  1. Complete User Interface Redesign (Upgraded)
  2. Ability to import from v2.9 (Added)
  3. Drag & Drop File(s) and Folder(s) over AppBar (Improved)
  4. Automatic Backup on Exit (Added)
  5. Hotkeys (Added)
  6. Set Folder Icon and description Based on the linked EDO Window Icon and Title (Added)
  7. AppBar (Improved)
    • Pagination for AppBar when you have too many windows (Added)
    • Ability to Show / Hide Text on AppBar (Added)
    • Add four (3) different sizes for AppBar icons (small, medium, large) (Added)
  8. This PC access in AppBar (Improved)
    • More commands added to Explorer (Cut, Copy, Paste, Rename, Delete, New Folder) (Added)
    • Quick Access to Most Common Users’ Folders (Documents, Music, Downloads, etc.) (Added)
    • File Explorer (Improved)
    • Ability to select the view mode in file explorer (Details, Small Icon, Large Icon, List, Tile) (Added)
  9. Notes (Improved)
    • User Interface Updated
    • Ability to store text in the software or any place on your computer (Added)
    • AutoSave feature to prevent you from losing your changes (Added)
  10. ClipBoard (Improved)
    • Clipboard History Engine (Improved)
    • Preventing from adding duplicate images (Added)
    • Clipboard Window to easily copy your contents in your document (Added)
  11. Search / Quick Access (Improved)
    • Interface Updated
    • Quick Access to User’s Common Directories (Added)
    • Quick Access to Notes and Tasks (Added)
    • Quick Access to MS Windows WordPad, Note Pad, Calculator (Added)
    • Ability to Search in One or All Windows (Improved)
  12. Player (Improved)
    • Interface Updated
    • Save the Current Playlist and load it on the next software start
    • Ability to browse files or folders
    • Ability to save the current playlist as a Playlist file (*.m3u)
    • Shuffle and Repeat Options Added
  13. Basket (Improved)
    • Better Basket Viewer and Access
    • Ability to Transfer the selected basket using DragDrop
    • Floating Basket Window Improved
  14. EDO Window (Improved)
    • Stick to Desktop
    • Better Explorer
    • Different View Modes
    • Better Alignment Engine
    • Access to Windows From Any Software Section
    • Better Translucent Background
  15. Floating Button(Added)
    • Ability to access most parts of the software using a simple button
    • Add File(s) and Folder(s) to the basket, categorize them in EDO Windows, or transfer them to any location on your computer by dropping them over the Floating Button
    • Ability to show/hide any window
  16. Wallpaper/Background Center (Improved)
    • Background Designer (Improved)
    • Background Collection Upgraded, You can now create as many wallpaper collections as you want (Improved)
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