MG Image Resize Pro Changelog

What’s new in version (2024-02-23)?

      • Quick Resize and Quick Convert in Settings Save on Exist (Added)
      • Quick Resize and Quick Convert in Load Speed (Improved)

What’s new in version (2024-01-22)?

      • Quick Resize and Quick Convert in Windows Shell menu (New)

What’s new in version (2024-01-19)?

      • Compression Preview (Fixed)
      • Add Support for WEBP (the default output is PNG) [Pro Edition]
      • Auto close option in Image Convertor
      • Auto open output path in Image Convertor

What’s new in version (2024-01-17)?

      • Open output path when finished option (Added)
      • InstaFit Background issue with Compress option “On” (Fixed)
      • Close App When Finished now is unchecked by default (Updated)

What’s new in version (2024-01-14)?

      • Resize Process Speed (Improved)
      • Add Support for HEIC, PSD, SVG (the default output is PNG) [Pro Edition]
      • A new Convert section to directly convert to other formats
      • Select the background color for transparent images or InstaFit mode
      • Custom Image Background for InstaFit

What’s new in version (2023-12-21)?

      • Status report update (Fixed)
      • Clear list after finishing the task (Fixed)

What’s new in version (2023-12-20)?

      • Minor Changes

What’s new in version (2023-12-18)?

      • Resized Image File Size (Improved)
      • Filters Speed (Improved)
      • Change Folder Select Dialog UI (Improved)

What’s new in version (2023-11-23)?

      • Software Activation (Improved)
      • UI Issue When User Keeps the Software Open for Multiple Resize Tasks (Fixed)

What’s new in version (2023-11-01)?

      • Complete UI Change (Updated)
      • Faster Image Thumbnail Loader (Improved)
      • Activation Bug (Fixed)
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